Friday, 29 May 2009

Looking Back - Man Utd First English Club To Win European Cup

On this day in 1968, Manchester United became the first English club to win the European Cup, under manager Matt Busby. They beat the Portuguese side Benfica 4-1. Celtic had become the first Scottish and British club to win the competition the previous year. Manchester United's success was all the more remarkable for the fact that just ten years before they lost eight of their best players in the Munich air crash. The victory was a person achievement for manager Matt Busby who himself came close to losing his life in the disaster. Busby was rewarded with a knighthood and he retired the following season to become the club's general manager.

For George Best it was the highlight of his footballing career, as the same year he was named as European Footballer of the Year. He was the first footballer to gain superstar status - but his fame led him into a life of womanising and alcohol. Heavy drinking led to a liver transplant in 2002 and to his eventual death in 2005.

The opening goal of the game came from one of United's greatest heroes, Bobby Charlton, who's second half header looked like clinching the game, but with 10 minutes left Benfica equalised and their striker Eusebio was then denied a late winner when his shot was saved by Alex Stepney the United goalkeeper. The match went to extra-time before three more goals from Best, Kidd and Bobby Charlton saw United run out convincing winners. Charlton and Bill Foulkes were the only survivors of the crash to play in the final.

Charlton had a distinguished career at United, and scored 48 goals for England. He was knighted in 1994.


Full Name
What you call your child when you're mad at him/her.

A person who will never tell a lie if the truth will do more damage.

A baby-sitter who doesn't hang around the refrigerator.

The people who think your children are wonderful even though they're sure your not raising them right.

Celebrity Swine Flu Death!


More Of Paul Smith's Incredible Typewriter Drawings

On Wednesday we published an article on Paul Smith, a man with an incredible talent. Paul, from Philadelphia, suffered from cerebral palsy, until his death in 2007, but despite his disabilities he developed a method of creating amazing pictures, just by using his typewriter. Today we bring you some more examples of Paul's wonderful artwork.

Wildlife Pictures No.22

Excuse me!I think you're in my place.
Another great picture from our
Wildlife Pictures series.
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Who Am I? - Yeaterday's Answer

The Answer To Yesterday's
Who Am I?
William Hague

With A Little Help From My Friends/Hippo In Bed

Thinking of throwing yourself off a bridge, but lack that little bit of nerve to carry it through. Well that's where friends come in. Watch the video clip and see what I mean

This next clip could be straight out of the 'Silentnight' bed advertisement that used to be on our TV screens, remember the Hippo in his blue and white pyjamas, and the little yellow duck, well this takes it one step further.