Sunday, 13 September 2009

Looking Back - Missing Scottish Bear Is Found

On this day in 1980, a bear, who went missing on a Scottish island while being filmed for a Kleenex television commercial was finally captured. Hundreds of volunteers were involved in the search for Hercules since he went missing 24 days before on Benbecular in the Outer Hebrides.

A crofter spotted the 8ft 4in, half-ton animal swimming earlier today - almost three weeks after the hunt for the creature had been called off.

The bear was shot with a tranquiliser dart, captured in a net and flown by helicopter back to his specially built coach where his owner -the wrestler Andy Robin - was waiting anxiously. The unconscious animal was given an antidote to the tranquiliser drug as soon as he landed - essential to prevent him slipping into a coma. The bear was slowly massaged back to consciousness to the obvious relief of Mr Robin and watched by the world's media crowded round his cage. "It's a great moment - not just for me because Hercules brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people," the wrestler said.

The bear is reported to have lost 20 stone (127 kg) in weight and has consumed 120 pints of milk and dozens of eggs since coming round.

Mr Robin bought the bear from a wildlife park in Aviemore, Scotland, five years earlier. The wrestler said he was planning to fit him with a personal radio bleeper so he could track any future disappearances.

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Mr Bean - Getting Up And The Alarm Clock

I am sure you will have seen this Mr Bean video clip before, but however many times you watch it you can be sure it will bring a smile to your face. Click on the link below to watch this hilarious short video:

Animal Crackers

Adams New Gift

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Who Am I?

Today's 'Who Am I' puzzle requires you to identify our mystery celebrity by studying the ten clues given below. Can you work out the name of the person we are looking for?

01 I was born in 1959.
02 My place of birth was Brighton.
03 My father was an estate agent/developer and music industry executive.
04 My mother was a ballet dancer.
05 I was educated at Dover College.
06 I worked in music publishing.
07 In the early 1980s I formed E&S music with EMI boss Ellis Rich.
08 Our offices were in a converted gentleman's washroom in the NCP car park in Brewer Street in London Soho.
09 I became a famous TV personality in 2001.
10 My trousers are almost as famous as I am.

So, who do think it is? Answer in tomorrows Journal.