Saturday, 19 December 2009

Poem - Blankney Christmas

Christmas 2009

Each day from now until Christmas day one article will be devoted to a subject connected with Christmas. Today we publish a Christmas poem.


Blankney Christmas

It's Christmas eve in Blankney
Another year has slipped away
And soon the peal of advent bells
Will tell us that it's Christmas day
Through cottage windows log fires glow
On paper chains so jolly
And robins flit from branch to branch
Of snow capped firs and holly
From winters cold and frosty sky
Stars twinkle in the night
Brighter and more beautiful
Than any fairy light
And with the dawn of Christmas day
Amidst excited shouts
Children with their new toys play
Whilst Mum peels brussel sprouts
Feuding families keep the peace
And share a glass of sherry
United for a day at least
To keep this Christmas merry
The food and wine have sent to sleep
Both uncle Bill and auntie Pat
And listening to this years Queens speech
Sits grandma in her paper hat
The Christmas tree now sheds its pines
The glitter falls from off the cones
And all that's left of Christmas now
Are broken toys and turkey bones

Rodney Garlant

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Thought For Today

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but is getting up every time we do.