Monday, 3 August 2009

Misguided Faith

In March last year an eleven-year-old girl from rural Wisconsin died of a treatable disease, undiagnosed diabetes. Her tragic death arose because despite not being able to walk, talk, eat or drink, her parents failed to seek medical help. Instead she was surrounded by people who prayed for her.
Her father, Dale Neumann, was found guilty by a US court of killing his daughter by praying for her recovery rather than seeking medical care. Neumann's wife, Leilana, was convicted earlier this year.
Medical experts told the court that the girl could have survived if she had received treatment, including insulin and fluids, before she stopped breathing.
Neumann, who in the past had studied to be a Pentecostal minister, was reported as saying, "If I go to a doctor, I am putting the doctor before God," he said "I am not believing what he said he would do."
This tragic act of misguided faith prematurely ended the life of an innocent young girl, who's parents lost sight of the fact that they had a duty to love their daughter as well as God.


Heard On Answering Machines

Sorry I can't get to the phone right now because my girlfriend and I are doing our favourite thing together. Personally I like doing it up and down, while she likes doing it side-to-side r-e-a-l slow ..... so I'll get back to you when we finish brushing our teeth.

Robot Spy Plane

A spy plane designed by a team in Bedfordshire has been unveiled at an event showcasing new gadgets for the Ministry of Defence. To see the plane in action click on the video link below:

Thought For Today

Oil prices have fallen lately. We include this news for the benefit of gas stations, which otherwise wouldn't learn of it for six months.
Bill Tammeus


Today's brainteaser requires you to solve two clues to each of the five challenges. Then merge the two one-word answers to give you your final answer. I think you'll find this brainteaser fairly easy.

Example: To shout + What you say when you feel pain = A colour
Answer: Yellow (Yell + Ow).

01 A light brown colour + To leave = A dance.

02 A store's announcement + A type of women's clothing = A buildings location.

03 A vehicle + An animal pal = A floor covering.

04 The ocean + A father's boy = Part of the year.

05 Another name for dad + A yellow veggie = A white fluffy snack.

Good luck with solving this brainteaser!

Why Do We SayThat


In the 18th century when many men wore wigs, the most important men wore the biggest wigs. Hence today important people are call big wigs.


This old saying means to grin and bear a painful situation. It comes from the days before anaesthetics. A soldier about to undergo an operation was given a bullet to bite.


This phrase comes from John 20: 24-27. After his resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples. However one of them, named Thomas, was absent. When the others told him that Jesus was alive Thomas said he would not believe until he saw the marks on Jesus' hands and the wound in his side caused by a Roman spear. Jesus appeared again and told Thomas 'Stop doubting and believe!'


If a fleet won a clear victory the ships would sail back to port with their colours proudly flying from their masts.