Friday, 27 November 2009

Pearly Kings And Queens

Pearly Kings and Queens, known as pearlies, are an organised charitable tradition of working class culture in London, England.
The practice of wearing clothes decorated with pearl buttons originated in the 19th century. It is first associated with Henry Croft; an orphan street sweeper who collected money for charity. In 1911 an organised pearly society was formed in Fincley, north London. Croft died in January 1930 and his funeral was attended by 400 followers from all over London, receiving national media coverage. In 1934 a memorial was unveiled to him in St Pancras Cemetery and at a speech to mark the occasion he was said to have raised £5,000 for those suffering in London's hospitals.The statue was later moved to the crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster. The inscription reads:

"In memory of Henry Croft who died January 1st 1930 aged 68 years. The original Pearly King.

The pearly organisation is now known as the Original London Pearly Kings and Queens Association Following disagreements, a rival London Pearly Kings and Queens Society has also been set up and another called the Pearly Guild. Each group is associated with a church in central London and works to raise money for London-based charities.

Living With Computers

Glorious Insults

They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.
Thomas Brackett Reed
In order to avoid being called a flirt, she always yielded easily.
Charles, Count Talleyrand
He loves nature in spite of what it did to him.
Forrest Tucker
Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?
Mark Twain

Funny Gravestones

On the grave of Ezekial Aikle in East Dalhousie Cemetery, Nova Scotia:

Here lies Ezekial Aikle Age 102

The Good Die Young.

Did You Know?

Owls are the only birds who can see the colour blue.
A man called Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years.
A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue.
The average person laughs ten times a day.
An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
Slugs have four noses.