Friday, 17 July 2009

Brainteaser - Thursday's Answer

Yesterday's brainteaser was anagrams. Ten words with their letters jumbled, which when unravelled made the names of countries. How did you do? Here are the answers.

01 Mexico
02 Germany
03 Canada
04 Denmark
05 Australia
06 Bolivia
07 Italy
08 Turkey
09 Poland
10 Belarus

9/10 Excellent 7/8 Very good 5/6 Good - Below 5 You should travel more!

Who Am I?

Can you solve today's Who Am I? puzzle? Ten more tantalising clues to solve, that will reveal the name of the mystery celebrity we are looking for.
01 I was born on 3 May 1903.
02 I was born in Tacoma, Washington USA.
03 My christian names were Harry Lillis.
04 I have four brothers and two sisters.
05 In my early career a duo singing act with my partner Al Rinker.
06 My first No.1 hit was in 1928 with 'Ol' Man River'.
07 In 1931 I featured in 10 of the top fifty hits.
08 On radio in the late 1930s and early 1940s my signature tune was 'Where the Blue of the Night (meets the gold of the day).
09 One of my passions was Golf.
10 I did a series of films with the great Bob Hope.

So, how did you do?
Answer in Tuesday's Journal

Little Hero And A Happy Ending

It may seem like it sometimes, but all news is not bad news, so it is nice to be able to report on a story with a happy ending.

A two-year-old girl has saved her mother's life by making an emergency phone call when Joanne Keeling collapsed.

Isabelle had watched an episode of the childrens programme 'Tweenies' the day before, where the characters had learnt how to make an emergency call.

To watch and hear the full story click on the video link