Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Saturday In Crete

To most British people Easter Saturday is probably the least important day of the Easter period. In Crete however Easter Saturday is a very special day. The following article gives an interesting insight to a Greek Easter, which occurs one week later than our own.

Easter Saturday (Megalo Sabbato) 18 April 2009

In Crete village children spend the day preparing a bonfire and an effigy of Judas outside the church to burn after the midnight service. The Anastasi, The Resurrection, takes place at midnight and is the culmination of Holy Week. Churches across Greece are packed from 11pm onwards for the service and the lighting of the Holy Flame at midnight. Many tavernas are open after the midnight service. The 40-day fast ends at midnight today so meat is back on the menu and it's becoming very popular to celebrate the Anastasi and the start of Easter at a taverna or 'kentro' with live music.

Shops close at around 2pm and supermarkets at around 5pm today.