Saturday, 16 January 2010


Today's brainteaser is another 'Trivia' mixed bag. Ten more questions based on general knowledge.

01 What was the old name for Sri Lanka?
02 Who was Odin?
03 In connection with which sport was Joe Louis famous?
04 Who first flew across the Atlantic non-stop?
05 Mandarin Chinese and English are the two most widely spoken languages. What is the third?
06 What was the name of the largest diamond ever found?
07 What was the name of the German general who was called the 'Desert Fox'?
08 Which fictional bear is named after a London railway terminus?
09 What is the name of the government of the Isle of Man?
10 What poisonous gas is contained in the exhaust fumes from cars?

Best of luck! Answers in tomorrow's Journal.