Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Today's brainteaser is another set of 10 'Trivia questions. Can you answer all 10 correctly?

01 What did Robert von Bunsen invent in 1855?
02 How many people play the game solitaire?
03 What is the next number in the sequence 36, 48, 60. 72 ....?
04 Where would you expect to see a mirage?
05 Where did the boomerang originate?
06 Where is Arthur's seat?
07 What is the title of George Orwell's novel about life in the future?
08 On what tree does spaghetti grow?
09 Which metal is a liquid in normal condition?
10 Which is the Holy city in Saudi Arabia to which Moslems make their pilgrimages?

You can check your answers in tomorrow's Journal.