Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Couple Get More Than They Bargained For In Supermarket

At most weddings you expect to see the bride walking down the aisle, but the following report brings a whole different meaning to this ancient marriage ritual.

If supermarkets be the food of love, then Fina Nikolos and Jack Frankel have Whole Foods Market in Coral Springs, Florida to thank; that's where they met on a rainy day in May, and that's where they married last week.
Nikolos, 67, and Frankel, 75, were wedded in the supermarket's cafeteria before friends and family and a bemused group of employees and customers, the Sun-Sentinel reported.
The elderly couple decided to tie the knot in the same place where they first set eye on each other, when Nikolos offered Frankel a lift in her car as he was waiting, bag in hand, for the rain to stop at the supermarket entrance.
Ever grateful, Frankel invited Nikolos to dinner, and the rest is history.
Sounds like an expensive shop to me!