Monday, 18 January 2010

Souper Sales

A report that came out at the end of the recent big freeze showed that soup sales in the UK went soaring as the great British public sought to keep warm during the exceptionally cold weather.

Sales of fresh soup at Sainsbury's are up nearly a quarter year on year with last week its best ever week for sales.
"The recent cold weather has seen sales of fresh soup increase by a massive 23%. British classics. Leek and potato and broccoli and stilton are proving really popular as people stock up on winter warmers to fight off the cold," says Mark Watson, Sainsbury's fresh soup buyer.

At Marks and Spencer, sales of soup in the past fortnight are up 50% compared with last year. Pies are up 30% and tea and coffee sales have increased by a third.
In the week ending on Friday, soup sales at Asda more than doubled compared with the week before, an increase of 34% on last year.

And last week Tesco said it was expecting to sell half a million litres of soup, which would fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools - 60% more than usual for this time of year.