Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Remember The Frisbee

Walter Frederick Morrison, the man credited with inventing the
Frisbee, has died aged 90. Morrison first invented it in 1948 and
it was originally called the Whirlo-Way which became the
worlds first flying disc, sold commercially as the Flyin-Saucer.
In 1955, Morrison produced a new plastic flying disc
called the Pluto-Platter. Production was taken over
in 1957 by Wham-O, who rebranded it as the Frisbee.

It was Ed Headrick who. while working for Wham-O,
redesigned Morrison's Pluto-Platter and created a disc
that could be controlled and thrown more accurately.

It was in 1964 the first professional model went on sale,
giving rise to international Frisbee tournaments.

Here the British Frisbee team of 1975 line up for a
photo-call prior to the competition.

Laura Engel became the World Women's Frisbee
champion in 1979.

But this border collie seems to have mastered it .....