Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Who Am I?

Today's Who Am I? may prove a bit tricky. Study the 10 clues below and see if you can identify our mystery celebrity.

01 I was born 21 March 1967.
02 My place of birth was Hagley, Worcestershire.
03 I have an English father and a Croatian mother.
04 I started work in my father's scaffolding business.
05 I then gained a degree in Literature at the University of London.
06 I studied journalism at Cardiff.
07 I worked as a sports reporter for the New of the World.
08 I had my own show on BBC Radio 5.
09 For BBC1 I created and fronted Royal Millions an investigation of the Queen's finances.
10 I currently present a popular TV programme alongside my female co-presenter.

Do you know who the mystery celebrity is? Answer in tomorrows Journal.